blue peter

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Blue Peter, to this day, maintains its long-standing practice of avoiding using commercial names on air. This tradition was started during the 1960s and 70s by the show's editor, Biddy Baxter, along with producers Ed Barnes and Rosemary Gill.

Most famously, this policy led to the invention of the phrase 'sticky-backed plastic' back in the 1970s for the products marketed under the trade names Fablon and Coverlon. Sellotape was often referred to by the term 'sticky tape', barring one incident in which John Noakes accidentally used the trade name and remarked as an aside - "I'll get shot for that".

This early 'education' provided the inspiration to work exclusively in everyday domestic materials, paints, patterns and textures sourced from local DIY and decorator's stores.


Born in 1968 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Sean studied for a multidisciplinary degree at Bradford Art College and has spent over 20 years in print, advertising and marketing agencies as a paste up artist, graphic designer and finally as an art director.

After early working days in Yorkshire and a long spell in London, Sean now lives and works in the west country city of Bath.


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